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  • spiritual retreats
    Conscious Coaching

    I have worked with hundreds of people to help them release that which no longer serves them and step into their greater yet-to-be. I have coached individuals and couples on a myriad of topics helping them work through their challenges and celebrate their successes. As well, I also work with people through the spiritual practice of Visioning to help them realize Spirit’s highest and best for their lives. Meetings take place in person, over the phone and via Zoom or Skype. 720-234-6233.

    Coaching Optios
  • leadership behavior
    Keynote Speaker

    I have spoken at events large and small around the world. I have enjoyed connecting with business communicators at an international conference in London, ethicists at a national conference in Cincinnati and company associates at their Brain Summit in China. I work with meeting planners and those convening the event on keynote talks and breakout presentations that are unique and relevant to that specific audience. Let’s create something amazing for all of those with whom you work and serve. 720-234-6233

  • emergenetics 
    Emergenetics Advanced Associate

    I am a licensed Emergenetics associate. Emergenetics is reliable, valid and proven test based on the latest brain dominance research. This test provides insight to help people best use their thinking preferences and strongest behavior attributes. The Emergenetics instrument lays the groundwork for understanding this combination by measuring four common thinking attributes and three behavioral attributes. I have used these results successfully in team-building work for organizations of all sizes, to assist teams in moving beyond the simple recognition of thinking styles into the application of the actions and behaviors that affect work performance and team success. In use around the world in thousands of corporations, non-profit organizations, religious and spiritual communities and government agencies, Emergenetics is available in 21 languages. Whether you're interested in one profile or 200, contact me today at 720-234-6233.

  • team building activities

    I know that I have come here to teach. I’ve been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver and taught formal classes and I’ve developed and delivered classes and seminars on topics as diverse as business communication, leadership development, crisis communication, media relations techniques, conflict resolution, listening skills and personality assessment tools among others. Let’s create a class or a series that exceeds expectations and gets your points across in a fun, unique way. 720-234-6233

  • labyrinths faciliator

    Sometimes groups and organizations need help in getting to where they need and want to be. I’ve worked within corporations with those in the C-Suite and throughout the company and with board of non-profits as a facilitator of meetings and retreats. You’re excellent at what you do. Let me help you with the process and free you up to do what you do best. 720-234-6233

  • ordained minister denver

    As an ordained minister, I love celebrating all of life’s rituals, whether christenings and baptisms, weddings, memorials and celebrations of life, milestone birthdays and events or home and office clearings and blessings, among many others. Whether just the loving couple in the courtyard of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, a gathering of dozens of family members and friends at Mt. Vernon Country Club in Colorado, a memorial for a young man in a boxing ring or a society event with 300 guests at a yacht club in Long Island, it brings me great joy to co-create the ceremony and rituals that are a perfect acknowledgment of who you are. 

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